Optimize Vending Machine Operations with AI

Reduce the Operating Cost of Vending Machines By 30%

We already proved with many vending machines. We will optimize our AI to your specific needs.

Vending Hero can reduce your vending operating costs by 30%. It means you can get additional dollars as profit from each machine. Your vending machines' revenue may decline with COVID-19, but you can increase profit with us even under its challenge.

Improve Performance

If you improve the efficiency of vending operations by 30%, one operator can handle 130% of machines with the same cost and time.

Improve Profit

The efficiency of operators directly connects to profitability. $10 cost reduction is the same as $100 revenue increase.


Our AI generates optimized routes and timing to visit each machine. Thus, you can reduce the time to use vehicle as well as the disposal.

Optimization of Product Selection and Inventories

Increase Revenue and Decrease Cost of Operations and Disposal

AI considers historical sales trends, vending machines regulations such as specifications and requirements for location owners, and seasonal information and then optimizes selection of the vending machine.

Revenue trends of vending machines differ location by location. A machine generates more revenue on weekday while another on weekend. Vending Hero forecasts the demand and optimizes route scheduling, timing to visit, selection and inventories.

Change Selection
Optimize Inventories
Forecast Demand
Automated Route Scheduling

It's beyond route optimizatin

AI automatically calculates the daily vending machine visit plan in consideration of various constraints (visit time designation from location owners, worktime shift of operators) and historical sales information. In addition to visits are reduced, and you can visit at the best time and on the best route.

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Data Visualization And Data-Driven Management

We visualize various data for you

You are not worried about monitorind the performance of each operator on your own anymore. Vending Hero visualizes all necessary data from route efficiency, beverage loss/disposal rate, sales trend, fill efficiency per visit, per machine, per operator and per branch respectively.

You can create operation plan based on solid data and choose KPI and aligned it with operators with ease.

Maintain Regulations

Centralized management of visit constraints such as visit time specification, NG time, and visit frequency specification on the cloud.

Various Output Formats

Including CSV format, we support various output formats based on your business needs.

Team System

You can also use our system even when multiple operators handle multiple vending machines in a team as well as an independent operator.

Not only beverage

But also you can use our system for food, icecream, industry and various type of vending machines.

Network Conectivity

If your machines are not connected to online yet, we have solutions to let them connect to the Internet!


You do not have to implement our system into your daily operations at once. We can simulate the performance.


We will estimate the appropriate price for you after listening to your needs.

Basic License

The basic license for using AI and SaaS is provided in the form of a subscription. We support various scales, such as use in small-scale demonstration experiments, large-scale company-wide introduction, and group-wide introduction including regional partner companies.

Professional Services

We provide various professional services depending on your company's situation, such as conducting demonstration experiments optimized for your company, preparing data, consulting, sharing precedent cases and holding study sessions, connecting to core systems, managing briefing sessions to sales offices, etc.

Vending Hero is waiting for you to let you a hero!
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